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A cover by Samuel Méndez - Original by Viditya Voleti

You seek titans. They once were, some say they still are. Their remnants can be found, are often lost, and some say even change like the weather. 

We Who Seek Titans is a world & titan-crafting, record creating game for 1+  players designed to be played in a single session. You will need a pencil (or other mark making instrument), a standard deck of playing cards (jokers removed), notecards for recording, and a d6 if you’d like to roll on tables. Gameplay revolves around a modified version of the card game Solitaire. 

You attempt to piece together a titan to channel it, possibly even reanimate it, to learn more of how the world once was and powers there might be. You are part of a group and as you travel to find the parts you will learn more about the titan you seek, the powers it may hold, your characters and the group.

Similar to Viditya's original this game is also IN DEVELOPMENT and to quote Viditya: 

What you will find here is a fully playable game that will create an outstanding product within a fulfilling game experience. HOWEVER, it is not edited, does not have proper layout and several other bits of content I would want before I call it done. HOWEVER, I want people to take this game and play it and make from it. And in the process, I want people to put their faith that this game will be better.

A HUGE THANK YOU to Viditya Voleti for letting me cover not only his work, but one that is still being worked on! Check out the original and other games from Viditya on his itch page https://vidityavoleti.itch.io/


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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